Cyber Week SMS Marketing Essentials

November 1, 2022

Black Friday is back! 2020 surprised analysts with record-breaking Black Friday sales during an international pandemic. Cyber Week has become the biggest online shopping sales of the year. It typically falls in the last week of November, right after Thanksgiving. U.S. consumers purchased $9.03 billion worth of goods, with 2021 falling just short at $8.9 billion, according to Adobe. Even more interesting , $88B (43%) of online retail sales for the entire holiday season in 2021 were made from smartphones. What better way to get your website front and center than through SMS marketing? So as we gear up for another year of the holiday season, here are our top SMS marketing tips to get buyers into your storefront!
  1. Spend the year making your SMS subscriber list! Being prepared for the holiday season is a surefire way to generate higher sales and you can do so by building, experimenting and building relationship with your subscriber base early on to reap the holiday rewards.
  2. Timing is important! It can be easy for a subscriber to opt out. Maximize your chances of success by creating an engagement calendar with frequently spaced, high quality messaging to keep interests high as the big day comes around.
  3. Messages for you, not all! Personalization is the key to unlocking today’s consumer. Consumers want to feel like brands understand their likes and dislikes so brewing positive sentiment requires a deep dive into your audience and segmentation.
  4. Show me, don’t tell me! Using rich media like images, GIFs, videos, links can go a long way in engaging your audience. Remember to use high resolution media and shortened URLs to make the right impact.

SMS marketing on Black Friday can be a great way to reach out to potential customers and increase sales. However, it is important to make sure that the SMS marketing campaign is properly planned and executed in order to avoid any potential problems.